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Would You Rather Ep. 2

Lets get right into it, bitches.

Would you rather sell all of your possessions or sell one of your organs?

This one takes some thought. On one hand, I own like 3 things: my xbox 360, a 3 year old HP laptop, and my ability to think on my feet. These are not worth much. All I need in life is hope. Don’t give me hope. Don’t open that box. Don’t poke the bear. Take my xbox, I’ll just play with your emotions. Take my laptop, I don’t need porn. The only time I come is when I come at your neck. Try me.

On the other hand my organs aren’t that lucrative either. No one could use my organs. You don’t want me brain, you’d wouldn’t last a day in my thoughts. My liver is currently eating itself so good luck with that. I dare someone to walk a mile with my dancer legs. You can’t have my eyes because no one sees my vision. Overall, I’d have to say take my possessions. Make me start from the bottom. Answer: Sell all my possessions 


Would you rather have amazingly fast typing / texting speed or be able to read ridiculously fast?

I just want to be able to read in general.

Would you rather sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl or do a nude scene in a blockbuster movie?

These two really aren’t that coordinated, but I don’t care. I would love to do a nude scene in the blockbuster movie. If you haven’t seen me naked more than you’ve seen yourself naked, we’re probably not that good of friends. Also does a blockbuster movie include porn? Asking for a friend. Answer: Full nudity

Would your doctor me male or female?

I’ve been going to the same female pediatrician since I was born and it gets weirder every year. I sit in the waiting room with a bunch of kids, while getting weird looks from their mothers. I’m not sure how tall I am because the measuring tape they have isn’t big enough. I have the eye test memorized. I sit in the examination room in my underwear and socks on a bed that is shaped like a race car, inevitably waiting for Chris Hanson to walk in. Eventually, my female doctor walks in and examines me like a piece of meet. Bending me over to check my spine (so she claims). Fondling my funny business like its a 7/11 hot dog. Just an overall weird experience every time. Then again, I keep showing up so idk maybe I’m kind of into it. Answer: TBD

Would you rather start your own company or start your own religion.

Hundo P would start my own religion. It would honestly be more of a cult. I am desperate for a Sunday activity and I think I found it. If Jesus can do it so can I. Picture a mix of Mormonism, Scientology, and WWE. That would be my religion. Sister wives RKO’ing each other. Nun’s coming off the top rope. Praying to Vince McMahon. Need It. Answer: Start my own religion


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