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I am releasing my official diet plan

Everyone knows I’m a fitness freak. A health nut. Huge gym rat. My body is my temple. I treat my body like a well oiled machine. A lot of people assume my thicccness is genetics, and come naturally. They are horribly mistaken. They don’t see what goes on behind the scenes when the cameras are off. Until now.  I have decided to release my never before seen diet plan that will help you achieve optimal thicccness level. I don’t expect anyone to fully implement it, as it is extremely intense and rigorous, both mentally and physically. I am also not responsible for what happens to you once you start this diet. Godspeed.


Everyone knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I treat it as such. It gets me off to a thermonuclear start, and gives me the energy I need to go to some of my classes, and avoid eye contact with people. I like to mix it up, so here are a few of my favorite breakfast meals:

  • Dominoes in my bed from last night that I didn’t finish because I fell asleep
  • A symphony market sub that I don’t remember buying
  • Put my head under the faucet in my bathroom and chug tap water

All great options. Don’t be afraid to mix and match a little bit, or add your own fun twist.


I’m usually grinding on campus during lunch time, so I like to pick up something quick. Something to keep me performing at a high level, but doesn’t take time away from chasing my dreams. Some of my favorite lunch routines are:

  • Go to BHOP alone and eat there by myself and hope no one sees me.
  • Get Qdoba, feel like shit, then go home early
  • Get 2 poptarts and a gatorade from a convenient store


By the time I get home I’ve emptied the tank. Put it all on the line. Being the best version of yourself is exhausting, so its important to finish the day with a healthy and well diversified dinner. Some of my go-to’s for dinner:

  • Eat a whole box of plain pasta because you ran out of sauce
  • Grill 6 hot dogs on your George Foreman grill, eat them plain with white bread
  • Grilled Cheese (cheese and bread are actually very nutritious)

Always remember that hydration is also very important. My drink of choice is a water bottle I find in my room that I think is water and bring to class but ends up being rubinoff.

This is only the beginning of my diet plan, so stay alert for new updates. #Fitfam #Gainz #YourWorkoutIsMyWarmUp #CarboLoading

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