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My parents don’t get me

So earlier today I released a food challenge video on my Facebook page that can be seen here. I ate a sausage egg and cheese at lightning speed. My jackhammer mentality comes to life in front of your eyes. Steven Spielberg shit. Absolutely mesmerizing if you ask me. My dad did not agree. Shortly after posting the soon to be viral video, I received this encouraging text dad text

Clearly not a fan of the video. I think its a generational thing. Idk. I really can’t blame him. He didn’t sign up for this. This wasn’t in the baby books. You don’t raise a child hoping he posts videos of himself changing the world through food challenges. But that’s what I was put on this earth to do. Was Joseph prepared to raise the son of God? No. Same thing with my dad.

So I think we just have to agree to disagree. That just comes with the territory with having your son be a blog icon. Then again, I sort of understand not having a great reaction to seeing your son drink a four loko and almost die from a breakfast sandwich at 1 in the afternoon. Welcome to the four loko fast life, Dad.

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