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Do I fit the Billionaire stereotype

I’m tryna get paid. I want to be a baller.  A shot caller if you will. In an attempt to do so, I recently read an article that listed 10 habits that are found in billionaires. I decided to compare those habits to my own.

1. They Meditate 

Meditating is not for me. My mind is always on the run. Pistons thrusting 24/7. Always at war with itself. There is no way that I could slow my mind down and “meditate”. The only mediation my mind knows is death (and masturbation).

2. They’re charitable


3. They wake up early

I can’t wake up early. It is one of my few weaknesses. I’m almost regret putting it in writing. Don’t want my enemies to see this. I can’t wake up early because I’m too busy dreaming. My mind just constantly running simulations against itself. Just something I have to live with I guess.

4. They stick to routines

Everyone knows that I live life on the run. Never knowing what’s coming next. No day is the same for me. That’s just my street bike mindset. Routines are for old people. No thank you.

5. They live below their means

As someone who sleeps in a twin bed and wears the same pair of new balances every day, I think I actually fit into this. Not big into materialistic things. The only thing I need is my head on my shoulders.

6.  They pursue their passion

Are writing stupid blogs and making videos on my iPhone a passion? Then yea, I guess I fit into this.

7. They read

See my high school reading list blog

8. They develop multiple streams of income

I currently have approximately 0.

9. They’re self-employed

Does being employed to the streets count?

10. They exercise

In the classic sense of the word, No. I do not exercise. I do in fact exercise my brain though. Always reading books and people. Building my IQ. Digging my way to the truth. Never breaking. Mental sweats count too.

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