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How to know if you’re the perfect fit for a pyramid scheme

Anyone who has a Facebook has seen them. The life changing, get rich quick business opportunities that the guy who still sells weed to high school kids messages you about. They’re referred to as “Multi-level Marketing Companies.” Which is ironic because I doubt anyone with a marketing background would ever work there. After analyzing the pool of people who are involved in these types of companies, I have figured out some common traits that these people share:

1. They all have great business minds

Could they go into depth about economies of scale? Break down how to balance debt vs. equity in capital structuring. Pass high school algebra? Probably not. But what they do have is a great business mind. They’re chasing their dreams. They follow Tai Lopez on Instagram. Need I say more? They watch Ted Talks. They can quote every line of Wolf of Wall Street. Just accumulating useful and realistic ideas of what it takes to run a business. Don’t sleep on them. They’re gonna get theirs.

2. They have a weird obsession with white BMW’s

A big selling point I see with a lot of these companies are that if you work hard enough, you can get a luxury car with the company logo tastefully plastered across the passenger door. Nothing more lucrative than getting a $50,000 car that you can’t afford insurance or taxes on. But these entrepreneurs are able to see past that.

3. They dress for success

Nothing says “future executive” like a Macy’s suit and a brown Gucci belt matched with a black dress shirt. Black button downs are basically formal tap-out shirts.

4. They post random inspirational memes like this:

stupid meme

Does this have any actual meaning? Doesn’t matter. Just gotta get your mind right. All about getting in the right state of mind. Whatever that means.

So if this sounds like you. Congratulations and get to work.  Go build an empire. Stack wealth. Either build your dream or be stuck working for someone while they build theirs.


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