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I have decided that I am becoming a male model

Just like many other college students, I was not sure what the future would hold after graduation. I had no clue. That was until I realized one simple fact. A fact that was literally right in front of my face. A fact that I wake up and see every morning in the mirror. That’s right. Its the fact that I am an incredible looking human being. I know it won’t be easy, I know it will be a long journey, but I have decided to become a male model. In a quest to do so, I have begun extensive research to get signed by a model agency. Just chasing my dream. The road to success is curved and so is my figure.

After some exhaustive research using the Google, I came up upon several local modeling agencies. The agency that best fit my career goals was called Dynasty Modeling and Talent. I decided that the first step would be to fill out the form to apply to get an interview:

model pic

I’m already feeling pretty good about my chances. Just trying to get ahead of the game. Innovate the way its played. The next step was to obviously upload some head shots and other pics:

Headshot: lion face

I think this head shot really works because it serves two purposes:

  1. Really highlights my jawline
  2. Emphasizes the point that I am lion hearted, and an animal in every aspect of my life.

The second picture that they ask for is a full body pic:


This picture tells a lot about me. Just really puts my temple on display. The angle of the pic shows my creativity, and my biceps give the camera a lot to work with. I’m in the midst of my carbo-loading cycle (my 21st year), and it really shows in my abs. The four loko in the back shows that I like to stick to my roots, and remember where I came from.  #NoDaysOff #FitFam #ThicccWith3C’s

They also asked for a “Profile Image”, and I have no clue what that is, so I just sent a dick pic. Shooters shoot.

Anyway, I hope to hear back soon. If not, they have open calls a couple times a month, so stay tuned for a video.


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