I will bleach my hair for $500

So yesterday before I got a haircut, I thought about ironically getting frosted tips. Would it have been funny? Yea. But I’m over cheap laughs. I want gasps. Women fainting. That’s when it came to me. To go big. To shoot for the moon. To bleach my hair.

I’m talking Slim Shady bleach blonde. I’m talking the 50 year old lady you see at every dive bar who still think’s she’s hot bleach blonde. This will be big. And all that I ask is that the loyal readers raise $500 for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

Who else besides me can make fashion statements while saving the world? Mother Theresa mentality. So if you want to help kids not have cancer, while making me a bigger sex icon than I already am, here’s the link: https://www.gofundme.com/ill-bleach-my-hair-for-charity

go fund me.JPG



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