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Teenage couple throws party after killing grandparents. High School has changed since I graduated.

A Georgia teen accused in the brutal slaying of her grandparents earlier this month partied with her boyfriend in their house while the bodies began to rot, according to officials.

Police said that Cassandra Bjorge, 17, and her boyfriend Johnny Rider, 19, sealed the doors and windows to contain the stench of the decomposing bodies so they could throw a party at the home in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

The teen girl’s grandparents, Randall and Wendy Bjorge, both 63, had been dead for a week before their bodies were discovered during a wellness check on April 8

Lots to digest from this story. First, boy has high school changed. 17 year olds have really stepped up their game. I’m almost 22, so maybe my memory of high school is hazy, but I don’t remember this being a thing in my day. My friends and I definitely went to some extremes to drink, but I think we collectively drew the line at killing our grandparents (not saying we didn’t think about it). Idk, maybe that was just us being pussies. Whatever. Kids will be kids.

You also have to keep in mind that this happened in Georgia, so they play by different rules. In Georgia, leaving your dead grandparents in a locked room upstairs while you throw a party could be considered a proper funeral. Living til 63 in Georgia is quite the accomplishment. They’ve seen a lot in their lifetime. Probably owned slaves. Things are different down south. I accept different cultures. Live and let live….or die.

It deserves to be brought up that Johnny Rider is a 10/10 name. The minute you name your son Johnny Rider, your setting him up for situations like this. You’re an enabler. You hear the name Johnny Rider you immediately think of someone with an underaged girlfriend who helps kill her grandparents. That’s basic word association. You always hear that guys that date underaged girls are trouble, but I’m not sure this is what they had in mind.

All in all, just your typical modern day Romeo and Juliet. Young love. Who knows, maybe it was just an overly creative prom proposal. I can picture Johnny Rider holding flowers and a sign that says “Hey Cassandra, lets kill prom like we killed your grandparents”. So creative. So many Instagram likes.


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