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Teen girl shows up to prom in coffin and hearse. Early front runner for prom queen.

A New Jersey high school student absolutely “slayed” when she arrived to prom inside a coffin. Instead of a limo, 17-year-old Megan Flaherty and her date opted for a hearse to ferry them to the event.

At Pennsauken High School’s junior prom Saturday, the teen’s date got out of the front seat, and helped slide the prop coffin out of the hearse. Megan could then be seen in a video by hopping out of the coffin, dressed to the nines in her blue gown.

Her mom, Susan Flaherty, told that her daughter wants to one day become a funeral director.

I just checked the weather for the weekend and it looks like there’s an 80% chance of rain and a 100% chance of this girl having multiple bodies in her fridge. Everyone looks back at high school and cringes at the stuff they wore and did, but I think this girls is going to cringe a little harder, hopefully from behind bars. I thought me wearing long sleeve shirts under shirt sleeves shirts in high school was bad, but then again I didn’t show up to prom in a car made to carry dead people.

High school is a time to find yourself, and I think this girl’s prom date is going to find himself in her Buffalo Bill basement sooner than later. Then again, the kid has to be just as, if not crazier than the girl. You have to have the self awareness not to go to prom with the girl who shows up to in a coffin. People have good memories. The minute you do that, you become that kid. You show up to your reunion in 10 years and this is what people will remember you for. Honestly most people will be shocked you’re still alive. The only rationalization I can think of for going to prom with this girl is that she 100% is a freak, and crazy girls are kind of fun. Like yea you have to drive a hearse around town for the night, but you hold out for the eventual hand job even though she’s probably going to put a hex on your penis. Who cares. Relationships are about compromises.

“The face you make when she comes out of the coffin looking low-key thiccc”

coffin date

Lastly, I’ve always wondered what type of people get into the funeral business and I guess I got my answer.

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