I am officially entering the T-Shirt game by dropping the two hottest shirts of Summer 17



Uh oh, daddy’s home. Looks like someone figured out how to make t-shirts. That’s right, TFATB is getting in the T shirt game. Just next level thinking by me. Not to get too ahead of myself, but these might be the hottest shirts of the summer. Not only are these the most fashionable items on the market, but they’re also future collector’s items. Imagine owning the first Thoughts From a Twin Bed shirt? Its only going to get better with time.

The best part is, they’re only $10 each. Designer quality and style for Goodwill prices. That’s what I do. Could I have marked-up the prices and paid for a summer’s worth of Four Loko’s? I could have, but I didn’t. That’s not what this is about. Its bigger than profits. “Dreams worth more than money”-Meek Mill”-Me. That’s just me putting the people over the bottom line of my income statement. That’s me running a socially responsible business. If it was about money I’d be a professional athlete, or a doctor. But its not. That’s why I’m out here crushing blogs for ad revenue.

Obviously my site isn’t exactly Amazon, so here are the logistics for buying the shirts: Head over to the TFATB Store, and fill out the form, or contact me however you want to (ladies, don’t be afraid to DM me, or take me to lunch with your mom) with your name, size, Venmo, and what shirt you want. I’m hoping to put the first order in by the end of the week, and then the shirts should come in within two weeks. After the first order, I’ll make subsequent orders when there’s more demand. Then again, I might only order one batch of them and make them a collector’s item, so you probably shouldn’t wait

If you live somewhat close to me, I’ll hand deliver you the shirts, because I’m a giver, and that’s the person I am. So in short: Buy my shirts, rep the brand, and wear them everywhere.


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