Breaking News: I Have Sold Out.

Dear loyal readers, most of which I assume are hot girls,

I am writing this post to break some exciting news for everyone (mostly me). As of today, I have taken a job writing for Off The Monster Sports. I know, I know, everyone’s thinking the same thing. I’m a “sell-out”, “wildly successful for my age”, “boy wonder”, “prodigy”, “does he have any plans tonight?” (I don’t). Its a great opportunity and I’m fired up to start it. They have a Facebook following of about 116,000 people, which is one or two more than me. With that said, nothing will change.

I’ll still be cranking out blogs here at TFATB at a steroid pace. Basically the Barry Bonds of making fun of people online. I’ll still be writing articles in class while sacrificing participation points. Still giving 110%. Never stopping not stopping. I’ll basically just be writing twice as much and trying twice as hard. Working two jobs like a single mother. Just emptying the tanks day in and day out. Hard hat mentality.

So shout out to me for being out here making moves. Getting better everyday. Continuously buying low and selling high. Seeking alpha. Keep reading. Keep buying t-shirts. Keep falling in love with me. TFATB is here to stay.  Just following the Eric Cartman Model:

sell out

Also, my posts are reviewed by an editor there so I can finally stop posting things with spelling mistakes. Big step up for me.

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  1. Congrats sell out. Good job!

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