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Father’s Day promotes promiscuity and irresponsible behavior

Its no secret that the culture we live in is gentrified with sexuality. Sex is pushed through our minds (and other places) beginning at a young age, through every medium imaginable. From TV, to movies, to advertisements, to hardcore porn, sex is everywhere. You can’t escape it. Not even on holidays. We all are aware of the commercialization of Christmas, but I feel we, as a society, have yet to create a productive and open dialogue about Father’s day, and what it truly promotes.

Many people treat Father’s day as a celebration of all the work that dads around the world do, day in and day out, trying their best to raise a family emotionally and financially. Not me. I see right through that. I see a much more, damaging and horrifying aspect of Father’s day that no one wants to admit. To me, Father’s day is just a celebration of unprotected sex. I’m sick of it. Why do we give dads a whole day for that? Magic Johnson had a ton of unprotected sex, why doesn’t he have a holiday? Where’s his section of cards in the Hallmark store? Dare I say racism?

Sadly, this is just an abomination (or an Obamanation, for you lefties) of sexual health, and its incredibly irresponsible. Think about the children. What type of message are we sending when we celebrate such as thing? We basically insinuate that the consequences of unprotected sex are limited to home depot gift cards and Sunday afternoon lunch. Did I celebrate Father’s day? Yea. I did. I bought my dad a card that said “Happy Father’s day, go get tested” with the number to the sex addict hotline at the bottom. Its the least I can do. My dad got lucky. Most people have unprotected sex and get AIDS, he did it and got me. Life’s crazy like that. Russian Roulette, basically.

I put part of the blame on the one sided liberal media. Why are there countless seasons of Teen Mom, but not one episode of Teen Dad? Really makes you think about the true motives of the big television corporations. Mary and Joseph were the only respectable teen couple, and all they got was a book.

Will I ever be able to celebrate Father’s day as a father myself? That’s tough to say. I consider myself a winner, and becoming a father involves losing. Losing your virginity. I just can’t see myself spoiling my undefeated record in life like that. That’s just the person I am.

So yea, next time you celebrate Father’s day, keep in mind the true meaning of the Holiday.


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