Breaking: TFATB has expanded

So today I added a couple pages to the TFATB site: A political satire page, a random thoughts page, and a “Tweets before Twitter” page. Just a typical rainy Monday for me, casually shifting the landscape of the internet during class. Classic me, putting off studying for a stats midterm tomorrow by doing my best Bill Gates impression. What should you expect from these new pages, you might ask? Here’s a breakdown of each: (caution, leaving internet persona and writing as a normal human)

Political Satire Page

Today I added a political satire page. Think of it as sort of an Onion/Andy Borowitz type page. Although it’s obviously politically driven, I’ll try not to lean one way or the other, and just stick to what I do best, and make fun of people of all political beliefs. The first article is up. Its about Donald Trump, Financial Reform, and the Holocaust. Pretty chill.

Random Thoughts

There are a lot of small things and random jokes I think of that I never have a chance to include in blogs because they don’t fit in, so I decided to start a page and post my random thoughts/jokes/anecdotes on this page daily. This will be made up of random one-liners, random observations, and some other random jokes. I think it will work. Who knows.

Tweets before Twitter 

This is something I’m trying out where I post tweets from historical figures or events that happened before Twitter. I’ll try to update this daily as well. I wrote a few today that are now up.


Basically I’m trying my best to do some different stuff, as writing blogs is fun, but I think using different writing styles and mediums will benefit both the site and myself. It’d be easy to just stick to talking about four lokos and my jackhammer mentality (which I’ll still be doing), but I think I can do a lot more than that. I’m terrified of going stale, or waking up one day and all of sudden people don’t like my writing. It literally drives me crazy. So hopefully this new stuff compliments my blogs, and TFATB runs train on the rest of the internet. Who knows.

(Back to internet persona)

So if you don’t like the new additions, fuck you. This is my site. I could start posting dick pics every day and there’s nothing you could do about it. You need me I don’t need you. Shoutout to me for always trying to be the best version of myself, even if it means taking comedic risks. Adapt or die. If you’re not living you’re dying.

PS: Sorry to the Gender Expansion Project for stealing your picture. I just felt like it was a perfect fit. Also good luck with that whole thing.

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