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Chinese Tourists are in trouble for making Nazi jokes in Berlin


The Chinese embassy in Berlin has warned its nationals to respect local laws after two Chinese tourists were detained for performing a Nazi salute in front of the city’s parliament building.

The tourists were arrested after posing for photos while making the Nazi gesture in front of the historic Reichstag building, a popular tourist destination, on Saturday.
German law forbids the use of some symbols affiliated with banned organizations in public, such as gestures, uniforms and flags, including those linked to the Nazis.

The tourists claimed the gesture had been meant as a joke. They were charged for violating the ban and fined 500 euros each, the Chinese embassy said Sunday, and have now left Germany to continue their trip elsewhere.

Are Germans the most sensitive people ever? Just the definition of being able to give it, but not take it. The Germans were trying to take over the world, and did so via the most inhumane tactics ever. Why are we not allowed to give them shit for it? Like oh you don’t want people making fun of you for trying to take out an entire race of people? Maybe you shouldn’t have done it in the first place. Sounds like more of a “you” problem than a “me” problem. Germany is that friend who mercilessly makes fun of everyone, but freaks out the second someone says something about him. Germany is the girl who drinks lemon water on Monday acting like it will cancel out all the drugs and vodka cranberries she drank all weekend.

Sort of wild how Germany just expects people to move on and act like nothing happened. They planted a couple windmills and now act like Mr. Perfect. Hey Germany, people don’t forget. I think it should be a rule of war that if you start a war and lose, you should be made fun of until you win a war. You’re only as good as your last war.

Was Hitler trying to extinct an entire race of people funny? No. But you know what is funny? Asian tourist going to Berlin and posing for pictures with Nazi salutes. I’ll take that to my grave.

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