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Domino’s delivery guy walks an hour to deliver pizza after car breaks down

Not even a broken-down car could keep a delivery driver from getting pizzas and a liter of soda to the woman who ordered them.

Benjamin Houston, who works at Domino’s in Flint, Michigan, walked to her house to make his delivery.
The customer, Ashley Schafer, shared the feel-good story on Facebook, saying her “faith in humanity was restored all because of pizza.”
“It might seem silly,” Schafer wrote, “but in a world that right now feels tumultuous and full of hate, and in a city where itself and its people are constantly put down, there was this bright light that was Ben.”

Oh what did your favorite pizza place do today? Mess up some orders? Deliver to the wrong address? Have all the cheese go to one side of the pizza because the delivery guy took a corner to hard? Not mine. Domino’s is literally out here saving the world. In a divided country, this beacon of hope that we call Domino’s is out here bringing everyone together.

Stuff like this is just so refreshing to hear in such a tainted industry. Fast and fast casuals food chains are a mess. Subway’s spokesman is pulling 13 year old girls from Craigslist. Chipotle is killing people with E. Coli and mice. Papa John is fantasizing about Peyton Manning. And through all that, Domino’s is putting the whole team/country on their back.

My boy Benjamin Houston is out here going on pilgrimages to get people their pizzas. Basically the second coming of Moses. The craziest part is, this took place in Flint, Michigan. That place doesn’t even have tap water. Benjamin’s probably been living off of 2 liter diet cokes for the past year. Probably drenched in diabetes by now. I’m not ruling out giving this guy a Purple Heart. Like I’m joking, but I’m also dead serious. This guy left his broken down car not knowing if he would make it back.

I was at Domino’s yesterday to pick up a pizza, and the lady in front of me was complaining that she got the wrong order. It took all the strength I had to not say anything. I was personally offended. You get what the Domino’s gods give you, and you like it. You want them to get your order right? Go somewhere else you pretentious scum.

364 days out of the year, people look down upon Domino’s and myself, but not today. Today, we should all strive to be a little bit like Domino’s. Take some time out today and think about those brave men and women in (Domino’s) uniform, and remember the sacrifices that they make for us every single day. Going out to their line of service, not knowing if they’ll come back. The few, the proud, the people who work at Domino’s.

This post is not sponsored by Domino’s, but I do hope they see all the free advertising I give them on this site. I’m not saying I want to be compensated financially, but I would not say no to a free pizza and some cina-sticks. Ball’s in your court.



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