Watch out Jeff Bezos, I just figured out how to sell T-shirts directly on my site

So summer classes are over, and I have two weeks off until the fall semester starts. Everyone probably thought I would take a well deserved break, rest the brain a little bit, and maybe step away from the game. Nope. I’m doing the opposite. I’m in an empty library right now, treating the last week of August like it’s finals week, getting better everyday. Persistently putting out the best version of myself. How did I do that today? I casually just went at Amazon’s throat, and finally figured out how to sell t-shirts directly on the website. You know what’s better than Amazon figuring out how to do this in the early 1990’s? Me figuring out how to do this in 2017. Dot com boom 2.0 if you ask me. I mean, look at the legitimacy of this:


You click like two buttons, and a couple days later the hottest shirt of the year is at your doorstep. A lesser man would have raised the price to pay for shipping, but not me. I hate money. I despise great margins. Classic me, taking everything I learned in all my business classes and throwing it all out the window for you guys.

Also, don’t look now, but it seems like the market is already reacting:

amazon stock.JPG

So if I were reading this, I’d short Amazon, and use the gains to buy t shirts for me and my extended family. That’s just me though.


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