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Dennis Rodman is back with this must watch interview about Kim Jong Un

Among all that’s going on with the whole U.S. vs. North Korea situation, the most fascinating aspect of all of it is Dennis Rodman randomly being best friends with Kim Jong Un. Absolute power couple. Dennis went on an interview with Piers Morgan, and it’s now my new favorite interview of all time:

Hate Kim Jong Un all you want, but you’re lying if you say you aren’t just a little jealous of this friendship. They sing karaoke, they ride horses, they ski, and they laugh. Then again, now that that’s in writing, I’m pretty sure they’re just a gay couple. When asked about what I do with my platonic friends, the first thought that comes to my head isn’t “we laugh together”. I might start though. Maybe text me friends tonight like “you guys trying to laugh together?” “You guys tryna crush some laughter?” Just guys being dudes if you ask me.

There’s nothing wrong with dating another man, but issues do start to come up when that said other man is the most brutal dictator in the world. Date whoever you want, it’s none of my business, but it sort of becomes my business when your boy toy is actively trying to wipe me off the map.

If they’re not dating, and are in fact just in the weirdest bromance ever, I respect that Kim Jong Un’ has the perspicacity (look it up, peasants) to understand the importance of having a black friend. There are certain people that you need in a friend group, and a black friend is one of them, and honestly the most important.

Also, how about the 10/10 interview outfit that’s so good it just has to be broken down: hat


Business never sleeps, and I’m jealous of PotCoin (which I think is bitcoin for weed?) for landing the white whale of advertising, and getting Dennis Rodman to wear their hat during an interview. I would pay an exuberant price to get Rodman in a TFATB shirt. My soft and tender hands would completely cramp up before I finished writing all those zeros. Dennis knows that if you’re good at something, never do it for free, and Dennis is a master at whatever it is he’s doing.

The Dress


I’ll say it, because no one else will, but Dennis Rodman pulls off the dress look. For a guy who was one of the most dominate rebounders in NBA history, the man has pretty feminine shoulders. That dress is tight too. Do you think Rodman has to get one of his homeboys to zip the back of his dress up? That has to be a two man job, minimum. Those bad bitch tattoos that go along with it gives me the idea that he’s going for an Amber Rose type look here.

The Sunglasses

I dream of one day reaching a status where I can wear a pair of thiccc sunglasses to an indoors interview. It’s so arrogant and pretentious that I just respect it. Rodman’s are covering at least half of his face, and give him a bit of a villain type look to him. I’m not ruling out that he’s just blind. Those are the type of glasses you get a pharmacy.

So hopefully Kim and Dennis’ friendship is eternal, and they continue to ride horses and laugh into the sunset, as they continue to definitely not be gay.


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