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Is Kim Jong Un the cutest Dictator of all time?

As of lately, there has been nonstop media coverage about the tension between the United States and North Korea, and more specifically, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un. It seems like every single network has covered every single angle and every talking point has been covered. Despite that, there is one topic that for some reason, the mainstream media is refusing to talk about: How fucking cute Kim Jong Un is.

I want to preface this by saying that I understand that Kim Jong Un is a not so chill guy. He’s gone way too far with the whole “starve your own country and threaten nuclear war” song and dance. I just think that we can be mature enough about this to accept that someone can be the most evil person on the world, but also want to squeeze that person’s chubby little cheeks, and I’m not talking about the ones on his face ;).

The man is a walking Sour Patch doll. He’s Pickachu and and Dragon Ball Z’s love child. Mr. Hello Kitty if you will. Look at these pictures:

kim hair

Look at the hair. That’s a first day of school haircut.  I can picture him in Supercuts right now. Probably crying a little bit because the clippers are loud. They had to give him a step stool to get into the chair. Maybe even got a lollipop after if he kept his head still. Few people are able to pull off a school shooter cut with that type of grace and class. You can’t teach that. That, combined with that baby fat chin is more than I can handle.

kim laugh

Contagious is an understatement when it comes to that smile. His teeth have that 8 year old look going on where the kid still has some baby teeth but the adult teeth are starting to grow in early. And how about that top button being buttoned like it’s picture day. I’m losing it over here. He also crushes the bad boy look with the cigarette. The man your mother will love but father will hate.

kim pants

This is by far my favorite picture. That over sized suit is to die for. It reminds of when you borrow your older cousin’s suit for your first communion or something, and it’s way too big on you, but your mom won’t buy you your own because you’ll grow out of it in a month.

kim squatting

Few brutal dictators can pull off a sorority squat, but Kim rocks the shit out of it. Now I know why his pants are so baggy. You need that extra leg room to get down that low. Throw up what you know, Kim. Gotta also love his homeboy on the left hyping him up.

So yea, he might be a dick, but the cute ones always are.

2 comments on “Is Kim Jong Un the cutest Dictator of all time?

  1. Mr. Hickey

    Friggin’ love this!

  2. Anonymous

    Treason is a federal offense. But yeah he thicc af

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