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Does Donald Trump not know the words to the National Anthem?

Shockingly, people are mad at Donald Trump again. This time, for not singing along to all the words in the national anthem. Some people are now beginning to believe that DT45 doesn’t actually even know the words to the song. I’m pretty confident that Donald knows the words to the song, but I do think he made some major mistakes when it came to execution.

Singing the national anthem at a sporting event should be approached the same way as dancing. The thing about dancing is, you either have to go all out, or not dance at all. If you’re stuck in that in between territory, you just look like a self conscious idiot. This goes double if you’re white, not that I’m qualified to give black people dancing advice. But I think that’s what happened here with Donald. He started to sing it, then realized it wasn’t his thing, then realized the cameras were already on him, so he just kept going in and out of song. I’m just saying, if you’re the leader of the free world, you either gotta belt it out, or stand their in silence. Go big or go home.

That’s my first theory. My second theory, is that he was doing it completely on purpose. Like you know how when rappers perform live, they have the DJ play the recorded version of the song, and they just ad lib over it when they feel like it? I think that’s what Trump was going for here. I think he tried to go full hype man and just come in on the big parts, and it didn’t really work for him. He probably read the Kendrick Lamar was performing after the show, and in typical Donald fashion, tried to one up him.

My last theory is a bit far fetched, but I still think might be true. Obviously Donald has been quite vocal in regards to his displeasure of athletes kneeling for the national anthem. I think so much so, that he took this opportunity to beat them at their own game. I mean, think about it, athletes can’t kneel for the national anthem if no one sings it. That’s honestly the three steps ahead mentality that I could get behind. Protesting the protest with a protest of your own. Mental warfare at its finest.

So maybe Trump isn’t a great performer. Who cares? Its not like he has a show business background. Give the man a break.

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