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Man makes formal complaint about old guys being naked in locker room

A Vancouver Island man is concerned about the level of nudity within the change room at his local recreation centre

Norm Waddell lives in Duncan and receives physiotherapy at the Cowichan Aquatic Centre. He says the men’s changing room is constantly filled with elderly men who indulge in “excessive nudity”.

He acknowledged that the men are not engaging in any unlawful activities that he is aware of, but said the change rooms are for the public, and people using the rooms should feel comfortable in them.

Grow up. If you’re a grown man offended by the naked body of another grown man, you’re either gay and too scared to admit it, or extremely self conscious. You know those kids who used to show up to hockey practice in their full uniforms and skates? This is who they grew up to be.

How about showing some respect to your elders. I’m a strong believer that if you’re an old man and still get to the gym every day, you deserve to be naked. You’ve earned that right. That man has probably been going to that gym long before you have, don’t make him change his ways because you can handle a little sag. If you ask me, there’s some artistic value to an old guy naked in the locker room. There’s history within those stretch marks.

Here’s an easier solution to the problem: stop looking at the them. No ones asking you to do a medical exam on the old bastard. Just go to your locker, put a towel around your waist while you take off your underwear like the coward you are, and go on to your 35 minute elliptical machine workout.

Maybe I’m in the minority with this one, but honestly, if I haven’t seen you naked, we’re probably not that good of friends. I’ve made some of my best friends crossing streams in a random bar bathroom. You’d be surprised how many business connections you can make in the men’s room of the Harp.

So hopefully this guy can learn a little respect in regards to our greatest generation. We’re gonna miss them when they’re gone.

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