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Saudi woman is first female ever to run a gas station in the country

A Saudi woman is running a gas station making her the first woman to do so in a field that is usually dominated by men.

Mervat Bukhari said she has her office by a gas station where she manages the workers and ensures that all safety procedures are taken.

I don’t care how many barriers it breaks, or how many strides in the right direction it is, if I ever get a job at a gas station, please do not write an article about it. That’s not really a story I want everyone I went to college with reading.

Now that I think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a female gas station attendant, and that’s probably because any female gas attendant looks nothing like a female. But honestly, even if I was a die hard feminist, I wouldn’t really care that no females work in the gas station industry. Like if I’m leading the women’s rights movement, I’m going to go ahead and let men win the battle for gas station supremacy. It’s all about picking and choosing your fights.

This level of oppression is so high, I’m sort of impressed. Yea I know woman should be treated the same as man, but you have to at least admit how big of an accomplishment it has been for men to keep women down for this long. Woman are manipulative as shit, how have they not taken 1st place yet? Women have so much power over me its scary. If I’m talking to a somewhat attractive girl, I will agree with everything she says. Even if she was like “yea I don’t think Hitler was as evil as people think”, I’d go along with it, maybe even grow a little mustache. Girls love a bad boy after all.

Is there even a need for gas stations in Saudi Arabia? I feel like you can save yourself a trip to the pump if you just go out in your backyard and dig for long enough.That place has more oil than my face when I was 14.

So good for this woman for breaking through the petroleum ceiling.

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