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Rate this shitty tattoo

I got called the N word just looking at this picture. I can’t even see this dude’s face and I’m 90% sure he’s offered me cocaine in the bathroom of Coogans before. This is the official tattoo for guys who’s go-to move at a bar is to approach a girl from behind on the dance floor and grab her by the hips. Has that ever actually worked? That’s not a pick up tactic that’s a UFC maneuver. I will admit, that tattoo goes well with the haircut that’s tapered so poorly it looks like a step ladder. And how about the tattoo itself? What skyline is that? Atlantis? Oz?

I’ll give him a 2/10. I’d give it a 3, but I just can’t do that in good taste, knowing that the $600 he spent on this tattoo could have gone towards rent for his studio apartment in Lynn.

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  1. Anonymous

    hey man lynn is nice #northshore

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