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A list of embarrassing moments I had this week

I know everyone looks at me and probably thinks “wow, that kid has it all, he probably never makes mistakes”. But the truth is, I suffer plenty of embarrassing moments, just like the rest of you. That’s why for now on, I’ll be airing out all the embarrassing moments I’ve endured during the week every Friday afternoon, to make everyone feel better about themselves, and remind you guys that I’m not God. Here we go:

Monday, 10:34 am

I accidentally double texted my mother that I love her and appreciate everything she does for me. So embarrassing. I can’t even believe I put that in writing.

Monday, 2:16 pm

Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any worse, I realized my left shoe was untied while I was helping an old woman cross a busy street. Talk about a case of the Monday’s.

Tuesday, 11:43 pm

Tuesday was not much better. After helping a woman deliver a baby in the backseat of an Uber, I left behind my handwritten thank you note I was supposed to drop off at the Children’s hospital thanking them for naming me volunteer of the year. I am such a dunce.

Wednesday, 3:18 pm

After I rescued a litter of kittens, brought them home, and comforted them by imitating their mother by laying on my side and breast feeding them for several hours, all while cleaning them and myself with my own tongue, I totally forgot to bring the canned goods I bought for the food bank in from my car. I can’t do anything right.

Thursday, 12:03 pm

While getting fitted for a tuxedo for a charity ball I was invited to speak at this weekend for my work at my non-profit “Motivating Mongoloids”, the tailored asked me how tall I was, and I said 6’4″. I’m such an idiot, right? I’m actually 6’5″.

Friday, 1:58 pm

I hit a man with my car.



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