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White lady calls police on black guy because he was wearing socks in the pool

A white Memphis woman was fired from her job at an apartment development after she was recorded calling the police on a black man who was wearing socks while swimming in a pool. Trilogy Residential Management said Erica Walker, a manager at one of their properties, was “terminated immediately after we completed our investigation.”

Is it racist to call the cops on a black guy just because he was wearing socks in a pool? Let’s discuss:

On one hand, anytime a story starts with the phrase “A white Memphis woman”, it’s safe to say that something racist occurred at some point. It also doesn’t help that this all unfolded at an apartment complex. You put that all together and you get “A white Memphis woman at an apartment complex”. I’m pretty sure that sentence alone is a hate crime. It’s actually not even a full sentence, but it’s Memphis so no one knows the difference anyway. Not to mention historically speaking, apartment complexes and motels in Memphis have not been exactly kind towards the black community. Ask MLK Jr.

So yea, usually when a white lady calls the cops on a black guy minding his own business at a pool, she’s probably at least a little racist. USUALLY. This is where the socks come in.

I’ll go on the record saying that wearing socks into a pool is more psychotic than hating an entire race of people for no reason. That’s the reality of the situation. Like we all give a pass to that older family member who likes to toss around words like “oriental”, but I don’t think anyone would tolerate their grandfather showing up to Thanksgiving dinner with soaking wet feet. I’ll take wet backs over wet socks any day.

I think people of all races should unite around hating this guy for wearing socks into a pool. That’s something we can all come together for. That’s the recipe for ending all this racial tension. We need to find something we can universally hate, and this is definitely it. This is the like wearing a shirt in the pool, except it’s actually so much more creepier that you can’t even compare the two. Just a soggy situation in every way possible.

PS: Not a great look for the “black people in pools” stereotype. I’m not saying it’s true. I’m just saying this isn’t exactly disproving the myth. You can’t show up to the pool in a pair of Nike Elite socks and expect me to think you know how to swim.


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  1. Anonymous

    So in point with this post. I started hating this lunatic from the moment I mentally digested “socks in pool” . Definitely next level serial killer stuff here. Immediately add to watch list.

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